Bayside Concrete Driveways

With numerous options and selections, one can easily locate the best concrete coating. This, however, can be quite difficult due to the fact that you must shop around at various stores for concrete that overwhelms you. Thus, the challenge now is to identify a cost-effective and practical custom concrete coating.

Continue reading to determine which concrete coating is most appropriate for your application.

Broadcast Chip Concrete Coating

The broadcast chip system is an excellent coating system that provides a non-slip, easy-to-clean, and long-lasting floor covering. The application incorporates a chemical and abrasion-resistant polyaspartic polyurea basecoat. This topcoat is truly cutting-edge, as it will not fade when exposed to direct sunlight. The best part is that installation only takes a few hours and your space is ready to use within 24 hours. To get more details, you may contact concreters in Mornington.

This coating is adaptable and can take on any shape, pattern, or logo, or it can be applied to your floor to allow you to participate in your favorite sports with your team.

Solid-Color Concrete Floor Coating

All of these coatings make it simple to see small parts and pieces as large surfaces, making them an excellent choice for auto shops, art studios, playgrounds, and commercial areas.

You can apply a solid color concrete floor coating in a few layers, just as you would with a broadcast chip system, except it is chip-free. Begin with a base coat, followed by a topcoat and a silica sand coating. Finish with another quick-dry topcoat.

You can create an excellent final layer with this solid-colored concrete. It is four times more effective than any epoxy due to the polyaspartic polyurea coating. However, concrete coatings can be customized to your desired color palette.

Protective Concrete Coatings

Protective concrete coating is ideal for those who enjoy the raw, unfinished look of unfinished concrete but want to protect it. When this coat is applied, the natural texture of the concrete is revealed, along with protective layers. This coating lets you enjoy your concrete driveway or patio for a long time to come, so you can keep it clean.

What Are the Advantages of Coating Concrete?

Although concrete is durable and strong, it is prone to staining and cracking due to a variety of environmental conditions. Refinishing concrete with a surface coating is significantly less expensive than replacing it. Whether you’re applying for a home or a business, refinishing is a good alternative to concrete.

Coatings for concrete floors also provide benefits if the concrete is new. Whether the project is inside or outside, old or new, faded or new, trained professionals can help you choose a design and improve the safety and look of concrete.

Affordable and Quick to Install

Concrete refinishing can help you save a lot of money. Replacing concrete is a lengthy and dusty process that involves removing existing concrete, pouring new concrete, and waiting for it to cure. On the other hand, with the assistance of professionals and materials, the concrete coating can repair cracks, pits, and other flaws and resurface the concrete. Repairing and protecting existing concrete is a cost-effective and durable process that will leave your concrete floor, driveway, or patio looking brand new. Even if the concrete is brand new, surface coatings are still significantly less expensive than other options. This way, you can protect your investment, extend the life of the structure, and improve the aesthetics of the space.

Concrete surface coatings can be applied in as little as twenty-four hours and are ideal for residential and commercial applications. These are made with special layers of polyurea specifically for floor coatings that quickly cover and rejuvenate. In most cases, professionals coat the area in multiple layers and design it in a single day, making it walkable within a few hours. However, some commercial projects will require an additional few hours to coat the area if it is large or complex, but the end result will be worth the wait.

Customized Design

Professionals can customize the design of surface coatings when refinishing concrete. The designs can be simple yet vibrant in color to complement the space. Additionally, professionals can assist you in determining the appropriate colors, patterns, and touches for your space based on your budget. Whichever design you prefer, it consistently delivers intricate patterns, logos, and designs, as well as multi-colored surfaces. Concrete coatings are available in solid and chip color systems to complement the style of your home or commercial space. Additionally, you can keep it simple or intricate, depending on your needs.


Safety is always required, whether at home or in a commercial space. Even small concrete pits can become infected with bacteria, mold, or moss. Professionals, on the other hand, will repair damaged concrete to eliminate hazards. For instance, anti-slip concrete coatings increase floor safety. Although the texture of anti-slip concrete coatings appears delicate, they are more than adequate when it comes to safety.

Enhance Your Home’s Appearance

Whether simple, large, or in between, you invest in your home, whether you intend to live there indefinitely or sell it later. A cracked and stained driveway detracts from your home’s appeal to visitors and buyers. In just a few hours, a custom concrete coating can dramatically improve the appearance of your driveway. By increasing the value of your home, concrete refinishing helps you protect your investment.


For your home or commercial space, not all concrete coatings are created equal; you must choose carefully. Professionals are available to coat the surface and improve its usability. This custom coating system is more durable than epoxy surface coatings and can be applied to a variety of products. To make things even better, custom concrete coatings will be less expensive, 100% UV-protected, and won’t fade quickly. As a result, you will be happy with the end result.

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