Bayside Concrete Driveways

Concrete is an artificially crafted product that is made up of cement and sand. Concrete mixtures need to contain the three main components Cement, Sand, and Aggregate. Concrete is the key activity in any building project. Next comes reinforcement and formwork. Concretes are used in the construction of major structural elements like foundations.

Which types of concrete can be used in construction?

Concrete PCC (plain cement) and concrete RCC (reinforced cemented concrete) are two of the most popular types.

PCC is a concrete type without reinforcement steel. It is generally performed below the foundation footings or rafts to prevent settlement and strengthen your base.

RCC is made of reinforcement steel. It is also known by the name reinforced cement concrete. Concrete is designed to support compressive loads. Concrete uses reinforcement steels to improve its tensile strengths.

Concrete Prices

Concrete costs differ from one area to another due to different raw material prices. You must do your research before calculating concrete’s price per meter cube. Concreters in Mornington might charge slightly less. The concrete rate is affected by several factors.

What is Mix Design In Concrete?

Mix design refers to the special way concretes can be mixed according to results from tests. This is a way to create strong concretes at an affordable price. It involves complex calculations. After the mixture is complete, concrete specimens will be taken to be tested to determine the final mix.

A good foundation can be built with a concrete mix design. 

Concrete mix design involves the preparation of the ingredients that create the concrete structure’s strength and durability. Mixing the right ingredients can be difficult as each ingredient has its properties. It’s not easy to create great concrete mixes. All ingredients must be tested to ascertain their physical properties and the bearing ability of the project location. 

Ingredients to be tested include water, fine and coarse aggregate (sand), cement as well as reinforcement, and chemicals. 

Concrete mix design considerations will only be made if the test results are accurate. This will ensure that concrete mixes are stable and won’t fail. You must test the physical properties for each location before adding the ingredients to the mix. 

Concreting is a complex task. There are many steps involved. Here are some Activities Before Concreting:

We all know there are two types RCC and one PCC. To perform the PCC we first need to excavate below the foundations. Brick soling is an option in certain situations, but it is not always possible to do the PCC directly on top.

RCC can be made and laid following the schedule for bar bending. Next, the formwork is used to pour concrete according to the design. Check for rigidity, plumpness, and other issues by closing the shutters. Prepare the construction joint as per the procedure. Inspect Line, Dimensions, and Surface Quality.

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